Wi-fi access during your Barcelona activities

Wi-Fi access in Barcelona is provided by the City Council. There are more than 400 free Wi-Fi spots. So, if you travel with your tab or laptop, you won’t have any problems with Wi-Fi Internet access. All the Wi-Fi spots are marked with special blue signs which can be easily detected.

Connection speed is 256 Kb. In the spots you can also get an access to the municipal service having plenty of information on the various Barcelona activities which can useful for tourists. Barcelona Wi-Fi network is the largest in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe.

During your Barcelona activities you can also find a lot of cyber cafes in Barcelona. The map with all of the cyber cafes marked is in the Tourist Centre in Plaça de Catalunya (Catalonia Square). But remember almost all the cafes have low speed of connection so they are good only for looking through your email box or Facebook (Twitter, etc.) account.