Visit to Sants-Montjuic one of your best activities in Barcelona

Visit to Montjuic can be one of your more interesting activities in Barcelona. This interesting part of Barcelona occupies the territory of about 21.65 square kilometers (8.36 square miles) and its population is approximately 178,000 people. The main quarters of the district are Can Tunis, Montjuïc, Hostafrancs, Sants and Poble Sec.

Montjuïc is the best known Barcelona’s mountain. Its name can be translated like “Jewish Mountain”. There is a fortress with a military museum on the top of mountain. It is also advisable to visit Montjuïc mountain if you want to enjoy awesome Barcelona’s views. Montjuic can be interesting because of several other museums there – one of them is Palau Nacional exhibiting Catalan art. Another one - Poble Espanyol – may give you general impression regarding the architectural traditions of Iberia Peninsula. This part of Sants-Montjuïc is also well known for its vocal fountains of different colors. One of the most beautiful sights you can see in Barcelona is situated in front of the Palau Nacional.

Poble Sec is quiet enough and really cozy. This part of Sants-Montjuïc is full of parks, little street markets, cafes and restaurants. You can relax there and go on your sightseeing – the quarter is not far from the main Barcelona places of interest: Plaza Espanya, Montjuïc with its museums and fountains – everything is very close to Poble Sec, a perfect place for rambling.

Sants is a usual residential quarters but you should pay your attention to it as it is the place where the main Barcelona railway station is situated as well as the place surrounded by lots of sights and places worth seeing. Sants is also full of nightclubs and bars. Underground is the best way to reach the Old City. Les Corts is situated side by side with the Sants.

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