The Weather in Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredibly beautiful, rich in traditions and charismatic city of Spain which is even more popular than the capital of the country. It amazes its visitors with perfect composition made of awesome architecture, excellent shopping possibilities and weather ideal for beach relaxation.

Usually Spain is referred as a country with subtropical climate but Barcelona tries to be original. As you know, it is situated on the Mediterranean coast, so, its climate is more pleasant, mild and relaxing but really unstable. Temperatures of a season can change greatly through the years. They sometimes have great rains at the end of summer and traditionally rainy autumn can be very dry and sunny from time to time. Despite, these are exceptions to the rules you'd better take into consideration when planning your Barcelona day tour.

In common, Barcelona summers are really hot and winters are warm, the biggest part of rains falls autumn and spring. Season changing is well felt. Temperature summer maximum is usually in July or August when thermometers can show more than + 30 C. Average winter temperature usually doesn't exceed +16 C.