The pearl of any Barcelona tour - Parc de La Ciutadella

Ciutadella Parc is the largest park in Barcelona, it occupies around 300000 sq.m.. It was built in 1872 in the same place where in 1712 the military fortress had been put by the kind Philippe 5th. The fortress itself had notorious history - it was a prison for political prisoners. Nowadays this place cannot be imagined as the one which was full of suffering, horror and death - Ciutadella Parc has amazing gardens, lake and even Barcelona Zoo.

During your stay in Barcelona, you should visit the lake of Ciutadella Parc, which is the soul of this park and is something special from the romantics point of view. The location of the lake, its surroundings transform this large area into a rather convivial place, in which little turtles can be seen on rocks. The lake offers up an opportunity for nice boat trips - these sort of trips are really popular here.

Beautiful italian fountain built by famous Antonio Gaudi is considered to be the center of the Ciutadella Parc. The Castle of Three Dragons ( Castell Dels Tres Dragons ) was created by another great personality, Lluis Domenech Montaner, between 1887 and 1888. Right now this building is occupied by museum of zoology and museum of geology.

Barcelona zoology museum in combination with the museum of geology, form the Museum of Natural Science. It was built before Universal Exposition, which took place in 1888 by the famous architect Lluis Domenech Montaner.

The most popular exposition objects are the whale’s gigantic skeleton. There are a list of permanent exhibitions:

Barcelona Zoo is located in the most distant part of the parc ( southern ). Etrance costs around 14 euros. This zoo used to be famous as the place where Snowflake lived, the only white gorilla, who died in 2003. Terrarium, Land of Dragons, Aquarama and Aviary are the most interesting exhibitions in Barcelona Zoo.

No doubt relaxing atmosphere and the historical spirit of Ciutadella Parc are the reasons why you need to add this place to your list of must-see destinations during your Barcelona visit. It is one of countless Barcelona sights that we'd suggest visiting on a tailor-made city tour, with a private guide. Designed completely according to you ineterests!