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Adults: 20-80


Do you love escape rooms and are looking for the next big craze? Our Escape Room on the sea will have you scratching your heads as you travel down Barcelona's coastline.

  • 2 hours boat hire (1-hour sailing and 1 hour in the port)
  • “Escape Boat” activity
  • Captain
  • Fuel
  • Taxes.

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Price based on a minimum of 80 participants, please get in touch for a personalised quote.

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  • 70 €
  • Per Person

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Combine the problem solving and teamwork of an escape room with the fun of sailing on the Mediterranean Sea. Escape Rooms are a popular way to encourage team spirit, but so often they are limited by the number of people that can take part, while a boat trip lacks that certain competitive element that can make team building exceptional.

Enter our solution! New for 2019, we are proud to present Sailing and Code Breaking on board Gineta. This team building activity is unique, exciting and inspiring, and makes the most of Barcelona’s seaside location.  Why be locked into a normal escape room when you can be out on the Sea in a beautiful boat while deciphering the riddles and clues you need to crack the case?

Team Building and Treat in One Activity

This team building activity will be one that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Not only does it combine an escape room with a fun sailing trip, it also brings together a challenge and a treat: the challenge is to beat the other teams and be declared the winners; the treat is that all teams, win or lose, have the opportunity to admire Barcelona’s striking skyline and look out across the beautiful Mediterranean Sea from the deck.

For more sailing options, please visit our Boat Trips page.

How does it work?

Climb aboard a traditional wooden boat, set sail across the blue waters with your colleagues and get stuck into the challenges that await you and your team members! The design and style of the Gineta boat will make you feel like you’re on board a real pirate galleon, setting out to discover new and exciting worlds, but today your goal is clear: solve the clues, unpack the riddles and win the activity as fast as you can.

We don’t want to give too much away before you take part and you’ll be given a briefing at the start of the activity in which everything will be revealed – except the answers to the clues of course – but read on to discover the intriguing plot…

Doctor Alberti

Listen attentively to the story of Doctor Alberti and her secret elixir to eternal happiness. The Doctor has disappeared without a trace, but her strong box and some documents have been salvaged. Your team must work through the documents in order to discover the code to her strong box and win the treasure within. You may also need to collaborate and conspire with rival teams in order to discover the code, but never forget that it’s a competition!

The time limit to open the box is 60 minutes – will you crack the code or will Doctor Alberti’s secret be forever lost to the waves?


Once you have disembarked the boat, we can help you organise a lunch or a dinner, or simply book a space in a restaurant for drinks and snacks so everyone can have some time to readjust to dry land and discuss how much fun they had on board the Gineta.

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