Sagrada Familia - the pearl of any Barcelona tour

La Sagrada Familia is located in central Barcelona, and has become a sign of identity for Spain. It is visited by millions of people every year and many more study its architectural and religious content, making it the perfect location any Barcelona tour.

History of the Cathedral
The origins of La Sagrada Família date back to 1866, when the Spiritual Association of the Devotees of St Joseph was founded by Josep Maria Bocabella i Verdaguer. From 1874 the Association promoted the construction of an expiatory church dedicated to the Holy Family. In 1881, the Association had raised enough money to bring a plot of land with a surface area of 12,800m² between Carrer de Marina, Carrer de Provença, Carrer de Sardenya and Carrer de Mallorca for the site of the church.

The main and last of the three facades to be built is the Glory Facade, which will be the entrance to the church when complete.

The south facing facade was named the Glory facade, as it represents man within the general order of creation: his origins, his problems, the roads he must take and his purpose. It will have three entrances dedicated to charity, hope and faith, and a porch with seven columns to symbolise the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and present the virtues opposed to the sins.

The Glory façade faces south so that the sun beats down on it for most of the day, in harmony with its significance: the exaltation of its strong life and joyous spirit.

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