Port Aventura theme park near Barcelona one of the most important parts of your Barcelona tour

During your Barcelona tour try to visit Port Aventura - a theme park located about an hour train ride southwest of Barcelona. The number of visitors per year is around 3 million, making the park the most visited theme park in Spain and the one of the most visited amusement parks in Europe. Park is divided into five different sections, each with themes.

Mediterranean, Wild West, Mexico, Polynesia and China are themes the various sections are dedicated to. Each part has its own architecture, food and attractions. In the park you may find roller coasters, flume ride, free fall and a 9000 square meter water park. Furthermore, there are restaurants and cafes as well as the hotel in the park. Many of the attractions are about high speed and are not supposed for the young children.

The easiest way to get to the park is by car, but it is possible to get there by train or bus. During the high season there may be a lot of visitors and long queues for the most popular attractions. Opening hours vary during the season.

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