Picasso & Dali. Hurry up to Visit a New Exhibition during your Barcelona city tour

If you are going to visit Barcelona and take a city tour in the coming days, you should definitely visit Picasso Museum (The Museu Picasso). They held a unique exhibition which aim is to study the correlation between the two most prominent artists of the 1900-s. Picasso and Dali are often studied separately from each other but their reciprocal influence was really great.

That is why the museum workers decided to show similarities of these two masters' works. You will be able to see different masterpieces by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali: pictures, drawings, engravings, sculptures as well as documents from more than 25 art museums and private collections. Many of them are rarely shown to the public.

Don't forget to include the Museu Picasso into your tour of Barcelona ! The museum is situated in 15 – 23 Montcada. The exhibition is held since March, 20 till June, 26