A Walk Through history - Barcelona's Old Town

The historical center of Barcelona, an area of about 4.5 square kilometers (almost 2 square miles) and population  aof 110,000 people, is called Ciutat Vella. This is the part of Barcelona where you can find its famous Gothic Quarter, El Born, El Raval and La Barceloneta.

The Gothic Quarter is one of the most popular places for outdoor activities in Barcelona. Barri Gotic consists of very narrow medieval streets whose width doesn’t exceed 2 -3 meters. You can easily get lost there but to be in Barcelona and not to see its Gothic Quarter means missing its most interesting and colourful part. The Cathedral of the Sea - Santa Maria del Mar, the most famous and popular church of Barcelona is situated there. There are also lots of cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques in Barri Gotic and El Born, so it is a very good place not only for sightseeing but for shopping.

El Raval is a neighbourhood that has been slowly improving its reputation after its origin as a seedy hub for sailors and less savoury characters. These days it is home to several important cultural instututions alking there is one of outdoor activities in Barcelona. It is located not far from Las Ramblas and Barri Gothic. There are crowds of people in its bars, art studios and galleries.

La Barceloneta is a famous Barcelona beach neighbourhod situated in the very centre of the city. It will take you about 15 minutes to walk there from Las Ramblas. Naturally, this is a very popular destination for tourists and locals alike during the hotter summer months!. You can find a plenty of restaurants serving seafood in La Barceloneta. Barcelona aquarium, one of the biggest and most interesting aquariums of Europe, is situated next to Barceloneta,

El Born (Ribera) is a swanky part in the centre of Barcelona, near Barri Gootic and La Barceloneta. This place was the most expensive even in the middle of the last century and now its streets are full of luxurious boutiques and restaurants. Passeig el Born is the central street of the district.  El Born (Ribera) is the place where famous museum of Picasso is located.

On a private walking tour of Barcelona, with, your professional guide, the Old Town is a central element!