Lesser-known attractions and activities in Barcelona

Baked under the gorgeous mountains, the breath taking fin-de-siècle structures define Barcelona and stand as a proof of its amazing history. Behind this gorgeous look that Barcelona has today stands Antony Gaudi as well as other talanted architects who shaped this city during the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

There are many activities in Barcelona that will give you some other aspect of the city. Visit CaixaForum museum of contemporary art, early known as Casaramona's textile plant- Puig and Cadafalch. While walking throughout, walk out on the rooftop terrace and you can see that this amazing place is built using bricks and nothing else. Also, Joseph Puig I Cadafalch is a host of the clustered townhouses who believed that catalan's home was actually his castle.

Opposite to La Rambla you will find Cocteleria Boadas, which is overlooked and anonymous. The first bar in Barcelona for cocktails was opened by Miguel Boadas back in the 1933. The interesting thing about this place - when you walk in you won't find any menu because all the 680 recipes for cocktails are held in the staff's head.

Looking down on the city, Barcelona seems like a low-rise city. Few exceptions for this are the little glass towers that can be seen over here. Other interesting activities in Barcelona are the amusement park who comes along a funicular railway, the Sagrat Cor and Gorhicrocketship chapel, the legacy from the golden age.

Studded with huge number of Michelin stars, this amazing city has a lot to offer. You can taste delicious dishes in various restaurants around the city. Many of them has unique design cocept. One of such places can be Flash Flash. It looks as if time stopped in early 60s. Minimalism rules this place.

Another interesting thing about Flash Flash is the black and white combination. As concerns the menu Flash Flash can offer you famous tortillas. Around eighty recipes can be a matter of your choice. This amazing place can be found at Carrer de la Granada Del Penedès, 25.