How To Avoid Problems During Your Barcelona City Tour

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations among tourists and is rather friendly city with really low level of crime. Police is cruising the city 24/7 and is keeping a situation under full control. There is really high probability that during your Barcelona city tour you won't face any unpleasant situations, related to crime.

In the same time many tourists, experienced travelers and even locals from time to time become the victims of Barcelona's pickpockets. The favorite places for pickpockets are crowded Raval and La Rambla. If you just arrived to the city – be careful at central bus station Estació del Nord, as well as at railway station Sants. Be sure you always have your bags next to you at any place you go – there are thieves who specialize on bags theft in public places.

Please note one thing during your Barcelona city tour – the thieves in Barcelona are not afraid of the police in the way they are in other European cities. If the harm of their activities is less than 400 euros– the thief will be released by police almost immediately. Another important thing here – if you were able to catch the thief, please be reasonable and do not try to fight him for what he has done. Any fighting is a serious violation of public order in Barcelona and is a matter of criminal prosecution. The central part of the city is full security cameras, so in this case you will become a guilty person, not a thief you've caught.

Be careful while using ATMs across the city. Try not to use ATMs on crowded streets.

Finalize the transaction and do not let someone to catch your attention until you have your money and the credit card.

The lonely travelers should avoid visits to deserted places at Monjuic mountain – you may become a victim of a robbery. The public beaches of the city and its suburbs become heaven for pickpockets and scam artists during last years. Be sure you have someone keeping an eye on your private things and handbags while your are swimming. The male travelers should avoid contacts with street hookers – in many cases they share the responsibilities of the pickpockets as well.

If you need to inform the police about any crime – please be ready for the fact they may not be able to speak English.

Life is life and unpleasant situations may happen everywhere including Barcelona, however this city is among the most secure places in Europe. The number of attractions, relaxing atmosphere and many other pleasant benefits will make your Barcelona city tour an unforgettable experience.