Gothic quarter - one of the most interesting areas for your Barcelona day tour

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Catalonia. With its mild climate and sunshine all year round Barcelona is very welcoming and nice to visit. One can find something literally for any taste and interest during your Barcelona visit, from lazy beach activities to really active time-spending.

If you are interested in history and beautiful architecture - you definitely have to visit so called Gothic Quarter during your Barcelona day tour. It is one of the biggest and best preserved Medieval quarters in Europe. We are lucky to witness and be able to see how Barcelona looked like back in XIII-XV centuries while was under the rule of Barcelona Counts.

Among the most interesting places in this area is the Square of Sant Jaume. The heart of political life of Barcelona and Catalonia in general is situated here where the Catalan government, the Generalitat de Catalunya seats in a beautiful palace. Government still seats in the very same building it used to seat in year 1359 - interesting and really rare case for Europe . One hundred and twenty-eight Presidents have governed from this house since. The palace itself is a piece of art, decorated with galleries, beautiful sculptures and the very own version of The Bridge of Sighs. Definitely it can be the pearl of your Barcelona day tour.

On the very same square, across from of the Generalitat, the City Hall of Barcelona is situated. This building is famous for the murals of Josep Maria Sert, also the author of murals in, among other places, Cathedral of Vic and Rockfeller Center in New York.

These are only two of magnificent historic buildings in the very heart of Barcelona Medieval quarter. To get more information regarding all possible Barcelona day tour activities please visit the dedicated section in our website. Furthermore, we'd like to recommend a private city tour with your own knowledgeable guide to show you the parts of the city that most fit your personal interests.