Exploring Gaudi architecture during your Barcelona tour

People all over the world are excited and inspired by Gaudi's masterpieces. His works are the outstanding example of creativity and uniqueness of architecture style. Needless to say that Gaudi changed Barcelona's look radically and significant part of city's image consists of Gaudi's art. To understand the local spirit you must dedicate part of your Barcelona tour time to Gaudi for sure.

Antonio Gaudi was born at Reus in 1852 and got his architecture diploma at 1878. The artist was inspired by the nature and its forms. The addiction to natural forms reflects in the constructions Gaudi was using in his work. Here we have a short list of the buildings - it will give you an idea what is worth to look at:

1. Sagrada familia

One of the most popular Gaudi's masterpieces. A large temple with unique sculptures and forms.

2. Guell parc

Magic parc with beautiful buildings inside it, sculptures and unforgettable mosaic. There you may find also an old house of Gaudi, which is a museum nowadays.

3. Casa Batllo

One of the most interesting and unusual buildings. A must-visit point of destination during your Barcelona tour