Every Barcelona Tour Has Its Season

It doesn’t matter when you are going to visit Barcelona. It is beautiful at any season and the weather is almost always fine there. During holidays, especially Christmas, there are lots of tourists in Barcelona and it’s better to buy your Barcelona city tour beforehand.

Most Barcelona tours are 8/7 (That means they last 8 days and 7 nights.) but you can also buy a 11/10, 12/11 or 15/14 tour. If you plan a winter trip to Barcelona, you will probably see one of its winter carnivals. They are really fascinating! You will see a lot of fancy dressed people and hear a lot of music in Barcelona streets during these days. Aura of joy and fun will follow you everywhere.

If you go to Barcelona in May, visit its spring festival where they decorate so called “May tree”, dance sardana, and do circle dances. If you like folk dancing, remember in any season you can see it on Pla de la Seu where Catalans dance sardana every weekend.  It is really a fantastic spectacle! For every season we offer a private city tour that lets you experience the most interesting happenings going on at every moment, as well as the eternal sights.