Watching Night Barcelona from the Sea

If you decided to use Barcelona yacht rental you should definitely see Catalan capital at night or in the evening.

Evening Barcelona seen from the yacht is an incredible and marvelous chance to see the other city. Seeing Barcelona from the sea is a chance to know more about its architecture and history, to breathe in fragrance of sea salty air and romance.

Sparkling with thousands of lights, night Barcelona looks from the sea like a wonderful fairytale city and the wine served to everyone on the board makes the impression stronger. The travelers will be able to see the whole port with its big and little ships, beautiful landscapes of Barcelona and the mysterious Mediterranean.

We are sure the tour will leave a lasting impression which will evoke good emotions during periods of nasty weather.

The excursion starts two hours before the sunset. At this time those who want to see night Barcelona from the sea are met in the port by the provider's staff. When everyone is aboard, the yacht casts off and puts to the sea. The noise of the busy city is melting and the travelers just see beautiful views of the Mediterranean and its coast, hear the dash of its waves, smell the salty Mediterranean air and sip wonderful Catalan wine.