Unknown Barcelona

Usual Barcelona city tours give travelers a chance to see the beauty and the most popular sights of the city. But there is a great number of people who want to leave the beaten paths and find some secret spots: a bar unknown for tourists, a place of interest seldom visited by sightseers. Our written Barcelona city tour will tell you about such secret places of Catalan capital.

The Turo de la Rovia is the first of overlooked places. You can easily get there when visiting Parc Guëll. The Turo de la Rovia is 850 feet high and it is one of the best look out pints of Barcelona. It is really worth hiking up. When the weather is good you can see objects situated in 15-mile distance and admire Barcelona views you can hardly see from other look out points.

Sagrada Familia is not quite a secret but magic squares situated on the cathedral's Passion Façade are. The magic of these squares is rather simple: all the lines, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, equal the same number.

When evening comes, visit the Pipa club. Located in a flat in Plaça Reial, it is unknown for most tourists but locals can point you the way to this jazz club. It is an unusual place with huge cozy sofas, windy corridors, and live music and it is really worth visiting.

Mutis is one more hidden night places of Barcelona. It is the Barmut hidden cocktail bar situated in a sound proofed apartment next door to the Barmut. They serve the best cocktails in Barcelona and you should reserve your place beforehand otherwise you will not be let in and will not see its wonderful décor of 1920s and will not have a great night.

Joining us for a private tour in Barcelona with a local guide takes you to many of the "secret" corners and hidden gems of the city!