Advice To Yachtsmen Sailing Near Barcelona

If you decided to use Barcelona yacht rental and become a real old whale, you'd better to know some useful facts before renting a yacht.

The best time to sail along Barcelona cost comes in May and lasts up to the end of July. This period is characterized by moderate winds. Migjorn is a gentle south wind hardly felt before noon and becoming stronger in the afternoon. In summer the sea waves are usually not higher than 1.6 feet, and the water temperature is about 75.2?F. So, gentle winds, moderate waves and warm water makes this period of time the most pleasant for sailing.

In August, September and October the weather is also good but the winds become stronger and you should keep in mind their directions.

At Costa Brava coast which is situated to the North from Barcelona you can meet Tramontana, the strong north wind taking its origin on the border of France and Spain, near Muntanyes de Begur. At the south coast between Salou and Delta de l'Ebre you will surely meet Mistral blowing from the North-West. All the yachtsmen sailing near Barcelona coast at the end of summer and in autumn always keep these two winds in their minds.

If speaking about calm and easy yachting, we should mention the central part of the coast where Barcelona sits. This part of Mediterranean coast is much safer.