Barcelona city tour - columbus monument in Barcelona

Columbus Monument is one of the most famous Barcelona landmarks. Monument to Christopher Columbus is 197 ft (60 m) tall. It is situated in La Rambla, at its lower end. The monument is well seen from the port where the discoverer of America returned after his first famous voyage and from the centre of the city you will definitely see while staying in Barcelona. The statue is on the list of sights we can take you on your private tour of Barcelona.

The monument was put in its place in 1888 before the opening of the Exposición Universal de Barcelona. It consists of three main parts: a round base with four staircases, a pedestal with four figures symbolizing Spanish countries: Catalan, Castile, Leon and Aragon; and tall Corinthian column with 24-feet statue of Columbus at the top. Columbus stands with his right hand pointing at the East and there is a map in his left hand.

First, Columbus was supposed to show the way to the West, To America, but later the project was changed and now we see him pointing at the East.

At the very top of the column there is a small sightseeing platform. You can get there by the lift which is inside the column and enjoy marvelous views of Barcelona and the sea.

On your Barcelona city tour, don't miss the opportunity to see the monument and the city from its top.