Catalonia in miniature - your Barcelona Tour Destination

This is the world's top park containing so many mini copies of architectural attractions, including monuments, palaces and cathedrals with 1:25 scale and you definitely should include it into your  Barcelona schedule. The miniature represents the entire Catalonia with its 150 best architectural works..

There is a separate quarter of "gingerbread houses" by Gaudi, including the Casa Batllo, the Sagrada Familia, the Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium, the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueras, the Tarragona Roman Aqueduct. There are also ancient castles, towers, bridges, fairground attractions, railways with moving trains, mountains, rivers and dwarf trees. Everything here lives and breathes: it seems that you are looking at real Catalonia as seen from an aircraft window.

The park is huge with its surface of 25 thousand sq. m. It will take about two hours to look it over. You can save your strength and go round the whole area aboard a special tourist two-car train. Another option is rope ladders, cables and other devices for outdoor fans: in a forest nearby the park, there is the El Bosc Animat adventure park, where every day, except Monday, from 10.00 to 15.00 (on the weekends to 18.00) you will not only be able to behave as Mowgli, but also look over the miniature park from on-high spots.

We offer a splendid flamenco night experience at the Spanish village. A perfect way to round off a day of cultural sights!