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Info at a glance

Adults: 12-100


  • 2/3/4 hours private hire
  • Fuel
  • Captain & assistant
  • 4 Drinks per person (beer, soft drinks)
  • Light snacks (crisps, nuts etc)
  • Paddle surf boards
  • You can take your own food and drinks or we can provide a quote for tapas and drinks delivery.

Additional information

  • Important: On Saturdays & Sundays the price is set at a minimum total price of 1392,00€.
  • From
  • 87 €
  • Per Person

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Catamaran Charter

A private catamaran charter can provide a luxurious experience for your special event. A catamaran charter is an effortlessly stylish option for a multitude of experiences; a reward for your hard-working team after a challenging corporate trip, an exceptional and unique space to celebrate a birthday or another important private event, or just the perfect addition to a beautiful holiday in Barcelona. Treat yourself and your companions, professional or personal, to a relaxing trip over the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. With our flexible sailing times, you can enjoy a private catamaran charter in the morning, afternoon or evening and escape the crowded beaches and city noise for the serene waters.



Barcelona is known for its bustling streets and diverse architecture, but these roads can become as crowded and uncomfortable as any other cosmopolitan city. An incredible way to achieve true privacy and comfort in a place like Barcelona is to take to the sea and look at her beauty from the decks of your own private catamaran. If it’s a corporate trip, your group will love being away from the offices and jam-packed conference halls with a drink in hand and an unparalleled view of the coastline. Give your colleagues a new perspective on the city that they have been working and networking in by offering this indulgent activity.

The impact will also be huge for a private celebration or as a decadent addition to a vacation in Barcelona. Share delicious drinks and create timeless memories on board your private catamaran charter, without worrying that someone else will interrupt your experience.



Organising a group for any event can be taxing, especially if you can’t personalise your experience. Our private catamaran charters are not only special, indulgent and inspiring - they are flexible too. See below for more details…



We have two fabulous catamarans that we can offer for the private charters. One can hold between 12 and 22 people, perfect for those celebrations or events where a nice restaurant just doesn’t provide the impact you’re looking for. The second can hold between 22 and 36 people, which, if you’re a corporate group, can hold the whole office team. If you want to use it for a celebration or just treating yourself to a trip, you can bring along even more friends and family.



Not everyone wants to experience the sea at the same time of day or for the same amount of time. You can choose your own sailing time. Whether you are organising this as a treat after a long day working hard or as a morning treat to kick off the weekend, we can arrange the time that suits you best. Maybe you want to see the sunset over the Mediterranean, or enjoy the warmest part of the day out on the water – or even a breakfast meeting! These are all possible on our beautiful tailored sailings. You can also choose how long you wish to sail for in total –a quick trip for a couple of hours, or spend the whole day on board, it’s up to you. You might decide to just hire the boat to give your guests a short break away from the city before diving straight back into the busy streets – or you might want to spend a whole day diving in and out of the Mediterranean! Just talk to and we can organise these events expertly. You can also add in brilliant beach activities before or after the boat trip, like a beach volleyball competition or some stand up paddle boarding.



Once you have set off from the pier and out over the sea, you are also able to decide where the boat stops and for how long. The beach front of Barcelona can be so crowded and so can the water. You’ll be far away from all these people and can treat the water around your boat as your own personal swimming area. Take a dip in the cool waters of the Mediterranean or watch from the decks with a drink in hand as your guests enjoy a swim, whichever suits you best. Your personal captain will stop where you want to stop and can tell you what you can see from where the boat is resting – you will see Barcelona from a totally new angle from your private catamaran and have a new appreciation for the beautiful city and her coastline.



You can also create the perfect ambiance for your private charter by bringing along your own music. Whatever the occasion, music can add something special to any event, even when it’s already as special as a private catamaran charter. Bring along some smooth, relaxing music if you want to keep the trip tranquil and help people to wind down as they feel the ebb and flow of the Mediterranean Sea beneath them. However, if you have brought your group out to let loose and celebrate, you can bring along your favourite party anthems to keep energy high and boost everyone’s spirits – this can set the tone for the rest of your evening if your plan is to head back to shore and continue the night elsewhere.


How do we book?

Be it a corporate event, birthday party or a fantastic addition to a luxury holiday, a private catamaran charter will blow your guests away.

Contact today and we will start preparing your tailor-made private catamaran charter – email or call us on 0034 935 008 226.

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