Winter Welcomes the Traditional Calçot Festival

Every winter it's the time to eat calçots, traditionnal from Cataluña food. These are grilled sweet onions

Held in the coolest time of year, Cataluña warms their belly during the celebrated Calçotada Festivals.  The calçotada dish refers to eating winters seasonal caçlots which is best served with cava, bread, and grilled meat.  Calçots are charred on a barbeque and served piping hot, paired with a mouth-watering creamy romesco sauce that is comprised of almonds, hazelnuts, tomato, roasted garlic and olive oil.  Yum.  You can find many of these festivals around the city where local’s gather to barbeque and relish this tradition, but the most popular is “La Festa de la Calçotada de Valls”, which you won’t want to miss. It's at this moment that you should take advantage of this chilly time of year, and head to an enormous sweet onion festival!