Top 10 Beaches in Catalonia Spain

Superb beaches on Costa Brava, north of Barcelona

Sink your toes and plant your umbrellas without having to travel far.

5 Easily reached via incredible surroundings & 5 hidden gems.

1 Playa de Sant Sebastià

It is in the old town and the marina of Sitges, located in a neighborhood of seafaring tradition. It is a family beach frequented by residents of the village, with a length of over 200 meters. From the sand you can enjoy magnificent views of the old town, located on a small hill overlooking the Mediterranean. The beach has all services and is adapted for the disabled.


2 Morer Beach

Located in the northern part of the municipality of Sant Pol de Mar, this beach runs parallel to the railway line and the N-II road. It has a length of 750 meters of coarse-grained sand and golden color, and narrows as it moves eastward. Located above the highway, are the Roman ruins of Morer, a production of wine from the 1st century. The beach has showers service, footbaths, Red Cross point, source of drinking water and boardwalks for disabled.


3 Cala de l'Home Mort

It is a nudist beach located in a secluded corner south of the term of Sitges, formed by the Platja de l'Home Mort and Platja de Roses. The two are separated by a small rocky ravine and draw an open bay to the winds in the area. The length of both beaches is close to 300 meters, but no more than ten meters wide. The waters are shallow and the seabed is composed of small rocks and sand. There is a snack bar with terrace and rental of hammocks and parasols.


4 Platja de Sant Simo

It is located in the north of Mataro, between the Sant Simó and the municipality of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. It has a length of 1,100 meters of white sand; it is quite narrow and loses width as seen approaching Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. The beach is divided into an area for family use which is closer to Mataro, where most -parking toilets, showers and footbaths, rent of hammocks and beach huts.This sector is more interesting for those who practice diving.


5 Les Casetes del Garraf

Located in the village of Garraf, this beach has a length of 380 meters, fine sand mixed with stones and very little inclination entrance to the sea. Between the beach and the railway is the area which gives its name to the beach, a kind of marine district built almost on the sand of the beach. The log cabins, now remodeled, are old barracks that fishermen used to store their utensils. Service has showers, toilets and rescue equipment, hire of sunbeds, parasols and pedalos. There is also a hotel and a couple of restaurants to enjoy.


5 Explored by car & off the beaten track 

1 Portitxol Beach

Located between l'Escala and Sant Martí d'Empúries, Portitxol beach is a nice sandy area surrounded by a pine forest that reaches almost to the sea. The beach with calm waters and fine golden sand is protected on either side by rocky formations: on the south tip of the coves, lined by pine trees and large rocks of curious shapes that plunge into the sea; and north, ravines known as Muscleres Petites, which separate it from the neighboring beach of Les Muscleres or Convent. These formations protect Portitxol beach and generate a zone of calm, shallow waters, a kind of great ideal to soak in peace.


2 Platja Illa Roja

Located in an idyllic setting of rocks and pine cove Illa Roja it is characterized by its clear waters and because it is headed by a prominent rocky islet of reddish color that gives the name. It is a quiet, uncrowded, with coarse sand and golden color with a penchant entrance to the sea quite steep. It is a nudist beach -for international prestige that is frequented by foreigners’, so this little rugged oasis with surrounding cannons keeps it tucked away.


3 Platja del Castell

Castell Beach jumped to the front page of the newspaper during the first half of the 90 when the protests of the residents of Palamós first, and a popular referendum later made it possible to keep it free of developments. Since then it has become one of the last stretches of sand that remains virgin in the Costa Brava. Shaped crescent surrounded by woods and fields, and with the mouth of a right laugh in the middle, this beach remains as we saw our grandparents, with the addition of a couple of bars that are installed in summer and nudists seeking refuge behind the rocks that rise on the right side.


4 Cala Fonda

Popularly known as Waikiki Beach, this is one of the best preserved beaches of Tarragona coast. We talk about a sandpit located a few kilometers from the city of Tarragona-indeed is within the municipality Tarraconense, it is completely unspoilt with the primal aspect of how the Mediterranean was only a century ago. Cala Fonda is located in the forest of the Marchioness, one of the vegetation zones more ecological valued of this part of the coast. To access,  it is necessary to walk from the Long Beach Tarragona on a road signposted towards east, surrounded by pine forests, cliffs and natural vegetation.


5 Playa del Fangar

Fangar beach is extensive and oriented NW to SE. As the Fangar Peninsula lengthens and narrows curving, up close a lot of salt water to form an inland sea known as the Puerto del Fangar. The beach, semi-desert and untouched appearance, is one of the most unique places in the Delta del Ebro. The sand is very fine in texture and in contact with water forms a very compact mass that could explain the name of the place. The scenic walk is about 3'5 or 4 km where you can reach the viewpoint, the lighthouse or the northern end of the peninsula.