Mercat del Born Cultural Center


Decisions, decisions, decisions

We all suffer from moments of indecisiveness. Those moments where your nearest and dearest want to disown you as you spend 30 minutes uming and ahing over restaurant menus. Our lives can sometimes feel like an endless list of dilemmas; what do I feel like doing this weekend? Should i start colouring my hair? Should i have that extra slice of cake? Should I go and see my grandparents this weekend? (Yes you should), should I tell my boss what i really think of her? (No you shouldn’t) Should I ask my mates sister out?
(ask your mate).

With so much choice available to us we really have evolved into a pondersome and tentative bunch. In fact it took me most of the morning to decide what to write about today.

So we can cut the Catalans a little slack that it took them so long to decide what to do with the historical old market building in the Born. Such a fine figure of historical architecture should assume a little contemplation and procrastination after all. So once the decision was finally made to turn the imposing structure into a library it was only once the construction was in full swing that they actually discovered it was in fact an important archaeological site, so construction immediately switched into a major archaeological excavation. I know, fancy that. The cultural centre and museum centre offers a unique glimpse into Catalonia’s heritage and is an experiential journey capturing the collective memory of the Catalan people as you meander amongst the archaeological remains which make up just 5% of the buildings that were destroyed in the siege of Barcelona in 1714.

The mayor of Barcelona has described the site, which opened its’ doors in September 2013, as a Catalan explanation of ‘what Barcelona and Catalonia were, are and want to be’. Thus cementing its importance in providing a Catalan historical insight into the city as far back as the 15th century, all the way through to insightful cultural visions of the future of this diverse and unique metropolis.

So the only decision left to be made is not ‘if’, but ‘when’ you will visit this extraordinary place?.... Well, of course and what you will wear, oh and where you will go for lunch afterwards.... And of course...

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