Barcelona's Turned Baltic

Well that'll teach us to brag about our long drawn out summers and warm climate won't it? Temperatures have plummeted and woolen accessories are now prevailing, so this week is all about finding things to do to keep out of the cold. So check out a handful of our recommendations below and go go goooo and get warm.

Go Karting

Fancy an adrenaline fuelled afternoon? Why not try your hand at Go Karting at Barcelona's very own indoor circuit. This fantastic track of over 500 meters is guaranteed to test your driving skills and bravery with its endless hairpins and twists and turns. The staff are great fun and always encourage a bit of healthy competition between drivers which adds a great dynamic to this high-speed experience. Contact us for more details and we'll get you all revved up and ready to go.

Go see a movie

What better perfect chill-out activity on a cold day than a trip to the cinema. But where to go in Barcelona that shows films in English? Well, there are two main movie theatres that show films in the original language. Firstly there is 'Yelmo Icaria' in Vila Olimpica which is the largest and offers a vast array of screenings. Secondly there is the Verdi cinema located in the, slightly more central, area of Gracia which shows a mixture of mainstream and independent films. If you’re looking to save some pennies on a cheap flick then Wednesday nights offer cheaper tickets. 

Go for a Curry

Heat yourself up with a spicy curry. Ok, not a particularly festive feast, but a good hearty feed non-the-less. Kathmandu is a no-frills affair but is certainly the best curry we've had in the city so far, and the staff are extremely friendly. Make sure you try their cheese and chilli naan, it is a taste sensation and will thaw the chilliest of diners! 

Go for an Arabian Bath

Take the weight off and enjoy some indulgence and steamy pampering. In a 19th century building in the heart of the Born district lies a range of impressively luxurious Arabian style baths. Defrost in the 36° waters and purify your skin in the salt water and steam baths. Contact the team for more details and we'll have you 'aaaaahhhhhh-ing' in sheer steamy bliss in no time at all.

Go Ice-Skating

And finally, our wild card…. Ice-skating. Alright, so this defeats the objective of this blog to find 'warm' things to do, but we figured you can heat up whilst you're gliding and pirouetting your way over the ice. The main square of Barcelona, Placa de Catalunya. yet again sets itself up as the largest (temporary) ice-skating rink in Europe and as over 100,000 skaters are expected to hit the ice, you certainly won't be alone in your skating escapades.