Barcelona - the guide to spiritual happiness

This new blog article is going to reveal the spots for those who are willingly to find an internal peace in every trip. An only must-do is to pack your stuff and be guided with higher vibrations. Excited to explore a new rhythm, welcome to the kingdom of spiritual happiness!

If your next destination to meditate and relax is Barcelona, you will be definitely having great time without exerting any effort. The city comprises of the capacity of giant thoughts, strong minds, secret gems, powerful ideas. Here you will find the sky, the land and the sea in harmony; would not be a perfect match to describe the city in a word – a rhythm. Let´s discover a few places in Barcelona leading to your spiritual happiness.


 ¨Secret hill¨

While in Barcelona, you should visit the Bunker and get the 360´ city view from the hill, where an old Spanish civil war bunker was built in the 30s. It can be considered as a ¨secret hill¨, because even many locals don’t know about this place yet. Probably one of the best panoramic view of the city - you can see almost everything – the vastness of the sea, the narrow avenues of the down town, the lights and the high mountain peaks. Actually no matters at what time you get there, but highly recommended to catch the sunrises and sunsets, realizing the birth and death of life. Barcelona is a city of lights as well; the nights will be shining in every sense. The nights, it´s time to see the stars both in the sky and on the land. Let the magic view enchant your soul. Meditate, get the higher vibes, make a good accompany of friendly people playing guitar, singing the favourites all around. If you´re lucky about timing, you can also catch the full moon; that is astonishing…


¨Chill on Board¨

Barcelona is one of the best beach cities in Europe on the Mediterranean coastline. If your visit is in summer months, feel fortunate; beaches are free with a long boulevard of many bars, restaurants, clubs, luxury hotels, skyscrapers, amazing temporary sand sculptures. The neighbourhood close by is called ¨Barceloneta¨, where neither locals nor tourists sleep in the nights. The sailing is a perfect option to relax or, if you want, do some sports; a healthy start to your day with morning yoga sessions.  If you want to get the further information about yoga classes, click right here: Yoga Class

The sun is up all over day, so you will be enjoying every second of your day on the board by feeding your mind and spirit with solar energy. Tune in, relax, soak up the sights. Come for a sail in Barcelona! For the details, here you are: Boat Charters


¨Parks in Peace¨

The moment when you want to escape the city bustle, and when you are looking for something more tranquil, maybe somewhere greener, should try parks around Barcelona. The magical wonderland of Park Guell, the impressive atmosphere at the Park of Montjuic, or the Park Ciutadella, get lost yourself, but find your spirit clear in the Park Labyrinth; spend a quiet moment just doing nothing. There is a unique Barcelona park for each of you, offering a distinctive experience. The parks are usually crowd, especially on the weekend. Definitely should find a quiet corner. In these parks, you will find a new world within Barcelona where there is no set agenda and all peace-lovers are welcome. Add a little extra delight to your trip and make a lifetime memories in this buzzling city.


¨Touch the Sky¨

Did you ever wander to touch the sky?! The mountain region of Montserrat is a destination with breath taking sights. Never miss the chance to explore this attractive profile of Barcelona urbans. Here you will come across such a spiritual environment, admire the architectural beauty of the region. Get your place on a top peak of the mountain, let your mind be free and imagine how it feels like touching the clouds, listen the rhythm by the Mother Nature. Arrange your trip to this paradise over the Barcelona Tours and save time: Half Day Tour Montserrat


There isn’t really a single answer to what brings spiritual happiness to your life. Some people can make this happiness happen through the new adventures. Travelling is always a good idea, book the flight to Barcelona, come and find your inner peace here. Be surrounded by lovely people, get to know different cultures living together, take a step closer to the nature, feel the freedom, attain your internal restfullness. Hope the article will help you to have a pleasurable or satisfying Barcelona experience in tranquillity. To get more and more ideas to chill your mind in Barcelona, stay updated within the

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