Barcelona weekend at Maritime Museum

When having Barcelona weekend, visit one of its most interesting sights - Maritime Museum. Founded in 1939 it is situated in the harbor not far from the Columbus monument, in the Royal Navy armory.

The museum territory gradually grows. There are lots of different ships and their models, navigation gear, instruments and arms in Maritime Museum. A great number of diagrams and pictures show submarine topography of the globe, main Mediterranean winds and their names in different languages, the migration routes of most important sea animals, marine food chain, knots and ship equipment. You can also see fishing boats there, including traditionally painted Malaga boat, shipboard weapon, naval torpedoes, and underwater mines.

In the exhibition hall the main part is played by a huge copy of “Real” galleon. It reproduces the original dimensions of the ship.
It was a flagship of the navy directed by Don Juan of Austria which on October, 7, 1571 beat the Turks at Lepanto and brought Spain domination in Mediterranean Sea.

The wonderworking cross that decorated the galleon is kept in Pla de la Seu. Since 1976 all the complex is under the umbrella. ? 1976 ???? ???? ???????? ????????? ??? ???????.On the South side where Avigunda del Parallel is situated, you’ll be able to see the ruins of the old city wall.

Working hours:
Mo – Sun: from 10a.m to 7p.m., in  summer - from 10a.m to 11p.m.