Barcelona tour be ready to get amazed - part 1

Barcelona is known for many things. Some know it for its architectural wonders, some reckon it for its rich cultural heritage and others get awe-struck by its history. Geographically it enjoys an advantage. The Mediterranean Sea increases its scenic beauty. Thus, if you are on a Barcelona tour, you may get confused about how to get the most of the city.

Barcelona tour – things not to miss

Barcelona is a vibrant city with its history dating back several centuries. It had been a part of Roman Empire and has several monuments and buildings that showcase roman architecture at its best. In a nutshell, you should not miss its historical monuments.

La Sagrada Familia Church – You must have heard about it. It is the most famous landmark of Barcelona which was created by Antoni Gaudi. The unfinished church draws millions of tourists every year. If you pay a visit, do see the Basilica.

Picasso Museum – another landmark of Barcelona. Picasso spent his early years in Barcelona and this museum showcases some of his early and unique works. If you want to see how the great painter shaped himself, a visit to this museum is must.

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