Barcelona Tour - About the city

Mediterranean city of Barcelona is situated between steep mountains and the sea. The 1.6 million residents are working hard and enjoying life intensively.

General information about the city during your Barcelona tour

Spain's second biggest city Barcelona, the jewel of Catalan coast and the world's fourth most visited city, has almost 7.1 million tourists every year. Barcelona is the capital of both the county of Barcelonès and the autonomous region of Catalonia. Mediterranean city of Barcelona has emerged on Spain's north eastern coast and has approximately 1.6 million people. Counting the nearest suburbs the population almost twice bigger – around 3 million people. Barcelona is also one of the world's most densely populated cities with more than 16 000 inhabitants per square kilometer. It is said that the city may have been founded as early as the 300 century BC by General Hamilcar Barca, however there is no evidence that any city really existed before the arrival of the Romans in 15 BC. Roman ruins are still standing today in the entrance of the town museum, but they are probably related to the Middle Ages. This period had left one of the greatest historical legacies to the city, the Gothic Quarter.

Today, the popular town closely associated with tourism, sun, beach activities and football. The city is proud of its spectacular modern architecture, a beautiful medieval town center and a fantastic location on the sun-kissed coast.

Most of Barcelona's residents can not imagine staying anywhere else – this is a major idea shared between all the locals. Tourism has received a solid boost during the 2000s, however everything has its white and black side. Noise and drinking on the streets is one of tourism's shady sides. Because of the huge popularity of the city the prices for everything ( from a restaurant visit to an apartment rent ) increased significantly. Barcelona is now on 31st of the world's 143 most expensive cities to live in.

Anyone who wants to visit city's most popular tourist destinations must see Picasso Museum, the ancient market of La Boqueria, the unfinished, but magnificent Sagrada Familia Cathedral and the famous La Rambla. The food scene is dominated by the traditional Spanish cuisine with a modern, avant-garde restaurants, as well as with pizzerias and salad bars.

An amazing nightlife, full of various opportunities is also among the main temptations. Relax by the water's edge on one of its sea-side lounge bars, sip cocktails inside the modern cafes or have fun on the Barcelona's dance floors.

Hedonists, party people, sun worshipers or just curious tourists - Barcelona has something special for everyone.

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