Barcelona Tapas Tour - Try It Out!

Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain, the country's 2nd largest city. Barcelona combine modern culture and spirit of ancient times. Cultural traditions affect gastronomic preferences of the people of this city. That's why Barcelona tapas tour will introduce you to this layer of local culture.

What does tapas mean exactly? Tapas are appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine, they can be served cold or hot. Tapas have become really popular during last years. The main idea behind tapas is to encourage the communication between people rather than focusing on the meal. Most of the restaurants and bars have plenty of different kinds of tapas, often with anchovies, sardines, paprika, pepper, saffron, chilly and even olive oil.

Some of the bars offer tapas for free with drinks. The average tourist can easily find plenty of places in which he or she can enjoy tapas while mingling with the locals. The best thing about Barcelona tapas tours is that the tourists can find a guide who will lead them through the city and take them to plenty of places in which the tapas are well cooked with the highest standards in mind.