Barcelona Tapas Tour & Centre City Dining

If you like tasty and unusual food, Barcelona tapas tour is the best way to spend your time and money. Restaurants of the city offer all kinds of sea food. More often you will see codfish, anchovies, marling, flounder, and goosefish. Besides, the Catalans like meat, especially, charbroiled pork. As in Valencia, they like rice, they have it with greens, meat, fish and shellfishes. Paella is the most popular one. It usually costs about € 10 – 12. Black rice is a Catalan invention made of rice and cuttle fish ink.
If you see a queue near a restaurant is the best sing for you to visit it. There is a great number of different bars, pubs and restaurants in Barcelona, so, not to get lost, use these to simple rules:

1) Mind what cuisine you like (European, Asian, or other)
2) Look at the number of people, the more the better.

Don’t spare your time! The longer is the queue the better is the restaurant. And also pay attention to the stickers like “Cheque Gourmet 2011” or “Trip Adviser 2009”. They show the place was awarded or has a positive feedback.