Barcelona Tapas Tour - 100% Delight

The best way to start your visit of Barcelona is to make a combination of the Catalan culture and gourmet food, going to some of the most famous tapas bars in Barcelona. You will not only discover the beauties of Barcelona, but also learn how to order these famous Spanish bar snacks. Start your Barcelona tapas tour and with the help of the professional tour guide you will visit the best cafes and bars.


The tapas tours usually start at the gastronomic center which was built for the visitors of Barcelona. Here you can have an amazing experience while tasting all Spanish traditional food like cured meat and bread, cheese and the rest, all accompanied by a great drink.

The tour is following the most famous boulevard in Barcelona- La Rambla where you can visit some popular bars, cafes and restaurants. After enjoying the bird's songs coming from the cages all along the street, the tourist guide will lead you to the Barcelona's most famous food market- La Boquera. Here you will find array of fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheese and many meat types .

The tour will continue at some restaurant where you can choose from the wide selection of the most delicious tapas. Along with your tapas, you can enjoy with a glass of wine, cider or beer while listening interesting facts about the history of the Spanish cuisine and culture.

After tasting the tapas, you'll go trough the Gothic Quarter. At this place you will be amazed by the atmosphere, architecture and gastronomy which are making Spain and Catalonia  really special.

The tour's last stop of course will be great bar where the amazing tapas and your favorite drink will wait for your coming.

Your last stop will be in a bar where four tasty tapas and a glass of wine, cava or beer will be waiting for you.