A Romantic Day in Barcelona

Romantic Barcelona - Sunset

Barcelona is giving Paris  a run for the money as the most romantic capital in Europe. Read on to learn how to plan the perfect romanic getaway in amazing Barcelona!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, “they” say. If you are in the Old Town, as you most likely will be, near the neighbourhood of El Raval, we suggest Caravelle (Adress: C/Pintor Fortuny, 31). There’s romance to be found in good health, and they offer fresh and healthy breakfast choices.

During one of the many sunny days you may go to Parc Ciutadella. It is a spacious city park, where you may rent a catamaran in order to have a row around the small lake. Walking around Barcelona is certainly a romantic endeavour, and booking a private tour of the city, with a (why not?) romantic themed walk is an excellent way to build, shared, fantastic memories!

Have lunch at the Plaza Vila Gracia. When visiting Barcelona, you’ll inevitably be spending quite a lot of time on the various plazas - public squares. This one is in the charming Gracia neighbourhood, and one of the many tapas bars here offer a bite to enjoy in good company in authentic and pleasant surroundings.

If you want to start your night on a romantic foot– go to Tibidabo hill and find Mirablau bar where you will be able to enjoy one of the best city views of Barcelona. An evening cocktail with the city at your feet, it doesn’t get much more romantic than that!

As for romantic dinner options, as befitting a culinary heavyweight like Barcelona, there are a few!

Hope you enjoyed our little guide. This is certainly not the “only” romantic places in the city, but a sample of what you kind find in the various neighbourhoods. We promise, we’ll get back to you with more!