Barcelona Food Culture. Ideas for your Barcelona tapas tour

Barcelona's selection of food is a reason itself to visit this city. Thanks to its proximity to the sea there is a great offer of seafood and fish. However the international food scene is also presented here by French, Moroccan, Italian and Nepalese cuisine. Your Barcelona tapas tour can be really exciting experience.

Ciutat Vella neighborhood teeming with eateries where guests can eat everything from traditional Catalan food to the very latest so-called molecular gastronomy.

Barcelona residents have their own eating habits that can be useful to know before your trip. A common breakfast in the café on the way to work normally consists of a cup of coffee and a pastry, such as a croissant. You also can ask for a grilled ham & cheese sandwich called "bikini".

The lunch is after the siesta, between 14:00 and 16:00.

The dinner is usually before 21:00 in the evening and the process can last for a long time. Barcelona residents who dine out often order a bottle of wine and a bottle of water. The larger glass that is placed on the table is for the water. It is not unusual to eat a three-course dinners, but no one will be offended if you choose to skip the entree.

A common alternative to sitting down at one place is to go on a tapas crawl, locally called for taperria or pica-pica. When people eat their snacks standing at the bar and order more and more until satisfied.

Catalan cuisine

The Catalonian cuisine entrees are mostly salads. The savory salad Aminada Catalana serving with either tuna, ham or sausage. The salad Esqueixada contains shredded cod and beans. Among the main dishes are specialties of Catalan paella (Arròs a la Cassola), rice cooked in ink from the black squid (Arròs Negre), chili and rabbit stewed snails (cargols), pork and vegetable stew (Fricando) and sausage omelette (truita the botifarra) .

The dessert menu is the simple - honey and cream cheese, crema catalana, pastries with a crispy surface of burnt sugar and with a filling cream.

For those with a special interest in food, and a budding inner chef waiting to bloom, we also offer Spanish food cooking classes!