Barcelona family activities - Aquarium

The one-of-a-kind in the Europe, the Barcelona Aquarium is located in the Port Vell. Here you will see over 11,000 aquatic species and it is the best place for Barcelona family activities.

It includes 36 glass tanks, placed on both sides of a spacious corridor. Each tank presents a specific marine habitat different form the others. A huge glass tunnel eighty meter long with drifting sharks is the most fascinating in the Aquarium.

This is one of the most visited places in Barcelona. Visits to it are pleasant and comfortable.

Besides aquariums themselves, there are a large exhibition hall, a panoramic terrace, all kinds of rooms and classes for lectures and training sessions; a store hosted by a historic vessel; a winter garden and even a theatre.

The theatre is for kids, they take part in many performances. They are fond of a local version of the Romeo and Juliet, which is indeed a love story of the clown fish and the sea anemone. The story is heart piercing and true-life: the underwater anemone is actually poisonous for all the little-size fish with the exception of the clown who lives inside the anemone. There is also a dolphinarium in the Barcelona Aquarium.