Barcelona Day Tour destinations - Sala Bikini

In the 50s the cafes were very fashionable in the city but the Bikini Hall opened its doors, precisely in 1953, in a practically deserted place in Generalissimos Franco Avenue ( Diagonal ). When in the Hall they started offering the famous sandwiches with ham and cheese, as the speciality of the house, it was only a question of weeks, for the people to ask for it in other cafeterias, they wanted a sandwich just like the one they had in the dance hall. "A sandwich like in Bikini please!"... The rest is the history.

The Bikini had a close look of Barcelona's adventures: the popular Seat 600 was presented there, twister the yenka dance and later on salsa became popular on its dance floor. A lot of people have visited its minigolf course including Football Club Barcelona famous players. No doubt – Sala Bikini must be in the list of you Barcelona Day Tour destinations!