Barcelona City Tour - Visit to Spanish Village

Barcelona City Tour - Poble EspanyolTake some Barcelona city tour and find out the beauty in the Poble Espanyol, amazing Spanish village placed on the Montjuic Hill. This village was built for the 1929 International Exhibition with a purpose to show the Spanish's architecture to the visitors.

Creating a Village

The Poble Espanyol was designed by the team of two architects, an artist and an engineer by placing 116 different styles which are showing the Spanish regions. All houses are situated around the Plaza Mayor- a large square, while some are found around small squares. Interesting here is that they are all skillfully connected with small,interesting streets or picturesque rocks.


This village is offering everything that typical village can offer: church, town hall, a monastery, small shops as well as residential buildings.


The Poble Espanyol has some interesting things to show. Here you can see reproductions of some famous buildings or architectural styles. For example, in the entrance of the village you'll see the replica of one of the 9 gates of 11th century walls Puerta San Vicente. Also, Town Hall of Valderrobres, the clock tower of Utebo and extraordinary mixture of Gothic and Mudejar styles can be expected there.

A Popular Attraction

Although this village was built only for the Exhibition, his popularity has continued his life . This place always used to attract visitors. The only exceptions were during the Spanish civil war, when the place was used as a camp for prisoners.

Poble Espanyol today

After '88 when the village was renovated by adding a few more attractions, the focus today is on decorative paintings, embroidery, traditional arts and a lot of handmade objects. Also, here you can enjoy in some delicious meal at some restaurant, visit some bar, shops and what is unusual for a village- have fun in some nightclubs.