Barcelona Ballooning Adventure

balloons-field-There are many Barcelona activities that you can have while you stay in this wonderful city. Enjoy the amazing view of Barcelona taking one of the hot-air balloon flights. Leave the noise and hustle and in the early morning, get the most amazing views of Barcelona's district-Catalonia from 900 meters (3,000 feet ) height. You can choose from the several options: a. to be airborne for an hour; b. an hour and half; have longer experience of two hours air trip. Also you can have a private flight along with other eight persons. No matter what you will choose, be sure to see the most outstanding views of Barcelona.




The early morning before the sun is up is guaranteed for some breathtaking views. This time is the perfect time for some balloon adventures. The tour starts by flying out from Montseny Natural Park, which is about 40km (25 miles) north of Barcelona. This place in Gardedeu is the closest take-off place from the town.

The group have a meeting at Hard Rock Café and then with minivan travels for an hour and half. After arriving at the place for flying out with your hot-air balloon, just a few moments later you are up in the sky. While flying, you will enjoy seeing breathtaking views of Mediterranean Sea, Pyreness, Monteserrat, Monteseny and of course, the amazing view of whole Barcelona from above. When the time for flying is passed, you and your group will enjoy in a Champagne toast while you're presented with flight certificate.

If you have more available time, try to choose two-hour flight and have longer experience in this balloon adventure. This is great for adventurous people who can't wait to feel the freedom that you can have when you are up in the air on a height of 2.285 meters(7,500 feet). During the tour you can enjoy a snack and a cup of cava. Admire the breathtaking views of Catalonia and of course, at the end of this adventure have a great time while having a traditional Spanish breakfast in some of the local restaurants.

You may take a private hot air balloon and have a great time while flying above the Catalonian district. The experience that you and the other eight people will have will always stay in your memories. It is flight when you'll be floating at 900 meters height. After the time pass, you'll get a flight certificate and enjoy in a Champagne toast and brunch.