Barcelona activities - restaurants

Barcelona has a fantastic selection of restaurants. It is definitely worth spending money on some of the top restaurants Barcelona offers. Take your friend or a group of friends and have an evening worth to remember.

Vaso Oro

This is perhaps one of the world's narrowest premises. Do you want to combine your tapas with something special? So ask for a flauta cincuenta - a mixture of light and dark beer. Vaso Oro is located at Carrer de Balboa 6. A meal costs around 20 euros.


One of the best tapas places in Barcelona is Inopia. The restaurant is run by famous chef Albert Adria, brother of Ferran Adrià who is the chef at the world-famous El Bulli. The one of the specialties moruno pincho de pollo - chicken pieces on skewers and vegetarian right lättfriterade vegetables. Inopia located at Carrer de Tamarit 104. A meal costs around 25-30 euros.

Tapac 24

Anyone who is curious about how it is really like in the kitchen of Catalan restaurant, should visit Tapac24. The chefs prepare wonderful tapas in a completely open kitchen. The concept is to make gourmet variations of traditional Catalan favorite dishes. Tapac 24 is located at Carrer de la Diputació 269. A meal costs around 30-35 euros.

Cal Pep

Do you want to try something unusual? Cal Pep can be a good choice. This is the main specialty of clams with ham. The restaurant is very popular, and it can be hard to spot, but if you only manage to get to the bar - you will enjoy perhaps the city's best seafood tapas there. Cal Pep is situated on Placa de les Olle 8. A meal costs around 45 euros.

Bar Celta

Bar Celta is an excellent option to enjoy the seafood. Here are both squid and razor clams among the specialties. The restaurant is bright and pleasant. Bar Celta is located at Carrer de la Merce 16. A meal costs around 20 euros.

For the passionate foodie we offer Spanish cooking classes in Barcelona  as well as a special dining experience.