All About Barcelona Beaches and Beach Activities

If you are real fan of the sun and sea - Barcelona is the right place to visit! Many beaches located along the coastline are offering variety of beach activities for the tourists. All the beaches in Barcelona are great, but the most popular are Barceloneta, Nova Icaria, Mar Bella and Bogatell.

If your aim for visiting Barcelona are the beautiful beaches, than the right period when you may come here is between March 15 and November 15. In the same time, the best period is always the high-season - from 31st May till 28th September, when you can have the majority of Barcelona beach activities.

The closest beach that can be visit is Barceloneta. This beach is long and wide and is in American style thanks to the bars and the restaurants that can be found there.

Really close to the Olimpic Marina you can find the Nova Icaria beach. At this beach , there are also many restaurants and bars to choose from. What is a must to taste if you are coming to Nova Icaria are the dishes in Chiringuirto and Mango restaurants. The beach Mar Bella is a perfect for the water sports fans. Over here you can enjoy kayaking and windsurfing.

When it comes about Bogatell Beach, we can say this place is a heaven for cyclists joggers and roller-bladers. At this beach you won't find many restaurants and bars, so if you are looking for more clam place, this beach will be a perfect choice.

The best thing about the beaches in Barcelona is that all of them are having sun beds, lifeguards and are adjusted for the people with special needs.

Sant Sebastiá

Located at the end of Barceloneta beach, Sant Sebastiá is a beach where you can notice lifeguards, bars and showers. Coming from the port estuary, all along till the Carrer Almirall Cervera, the length of this beach is 1.100 meters and the width about 81m. To this beach you can get using the line Nr.4 with the metro which is going to Barceloneta or you may use the bus under the following numbers: 157,64,59,51,57, 45 ,40, 39, 17,16 or 14.

La Mar Bella

La Mar Bella beach may offer your a variety of Barcelona beach activities.  The location of this beach is between Bogatell and Nova Mar Bella. La Mar Bella beach starts from the Mar Bella breakwater and ends to Bac de Roda breakwater and is 500m long and around 42m in width. Near this beach you can find sport centre where you can enjoy full scope of sport activities. This beach is excellent for windsurfing and other water sports. Interesting part of this beach for many young tourists is the nudist beach. You can visit this beach using bus line number 141, 71 and 36. Also , you can use metro line 4 or tram T4, which are going to Selva de Mar. If you are a fan of bicycles, you can also use the cycle track.

Playa del Bogatell

Separated from two very similar beaches, Playa del Bogatell is a beach located close to the Olimpic Port. Starting at Bogatell breakwater and ending at Mar Bella breakwater, this wonderful beach is 640m long and 39m wide. At this beach you can enjoy various bars and restaurants. Lifeguard, showers , parking are available here. To reach this beach use the bicycle, bus line number 141,92, 41, 36 and 6, as well as the metro line 4 ( which is going to Poblenou and Llacuna ).

Playa Del Paseo Marítimo or Llevant

Separated with a breakwater from the famous Barceloneta Beach, Playa Del Paseo Marítimo or also known widely as Llevant, is placed opposite to Olimpic Port. On this beach you'll find lifeguards, half-pipe for the skateboarders, tennis tables and children playground. This beach is about 59m wide and 380m long, so it is really good for evening walks. Starting from Selva de Mar and ending by the Zoo breakwaters, you can visit this beautiful beach using bikes or maybe bus lines 141,41,36 and 7, metro line 4 and even tram T4.

La Nova Mar Bella

The women's adorable beach La Nova Mar Bella, long 500m and wide about 45m, begins from the Bac de Roda breakwaters and ends by Selva de Mar breakwaters. This amazing beach offers many services like bars, parking places, showers. You can easily come here using bus line number 141,36 and 43. Also, metro line 4 and tram line T4 can be another option for you.

La Nova Icária

Right after the Olimpic Port you will find this 63m wide beach. The promenade of 400m runs from the Barceloneta district . Near this beach you can enjoy the sea views sitting on some of the stone benches.This beach is more a family beach and can be considered the most quiet beach in the city. You can come here using metro line 4 and tram T4, as well as the bus line number 36,6,92,41 and 141.

La Barceloneta

The favorite beach for all tourists is La Barceloneta beach which is located all along the promenade. A concentration of bars and restaurants is the main feature of La Barceloneta beach. This beach is separated in two smaller beaches - the first one near the Paseo Marítimo Beach and Olimpic port, and the other near San Sebastiá Beach and Puerto de Barcelona. This beach is 1.000m long and about 89m wide. You can visit this gorgeous beach using bikes, tram, metro line 4 or bus line number 64,59,51,57,40,39,45,17,16,39 and 14.