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Sangria is the most famous Spanish cocktail and of course, you want to try it.

You’ll have many opportunities to taste it in some of the fantastic restaurants around the city, but why not take it up a notch and learning how to make this fabulous drink? This Sangria Cocktail Class will bring summer to your lips, whatever the weather is outside. Whether you want some fresh inspiration for your tried and tested recipes or have never made Sangria before, this class can help! Stay away from the cheap supermarket sangria and learn how to make your own with our expert bartenders.

What is Sangria?

Sangria is a traditional summer party drink, which some say was created to improve or disguise the flavour of “bad wine”. By using chopped fruits, spices and sometimes liquors to cut out the taste of the “bad wine”, the drink would be turned from something tasteless to something very tasty. Once you have arrived in Barcelona, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to this “bloody” drink (it is said the name is taken from the Spanish word for blood, “sangre”). It feels fun and instantly celebratory.

While the locals will mostly drink it in summer, if you’re on vacation you can drink it all year round.

What will we learn?

Fruit and wine, sounds simple right? Wrong!

There are dozens of variations of this amazing cocktail, from sparkling strawberry sangria to pink rosé sangria (always served over ice). As for fruits, your teacher will show you the best flavour combinations – a good tip is to try and use seasonal fruits, but you can also throw in whatever you have to hand: oranges, peaches, red fruits, and apples, whatever you fancy.

In one hour of sangria making class, you will get the chance to get started with a classic sangria recipe to make a perfect wine cocktail, then one with white wine and finally, a favourite in Barcelona, cava sangria. Cava is the local sparkling wine from this region of Spain and is therefore an obvious addition to a delicious cocktail.

If you would like to try learning other cocktails, try our Cocktail class. You can also learn how to make this drink as part of our Spanish Cooking Class.

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